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Kitchen Renovation Design Services in Richmond Hill & York region

A kitchen can be renovated either to change its layout, to create a harmonious structure, to change old equipment, or to create spaces for storage and appliances. Whichever it is, a good kitchen renovation ensures that your kitchen is functional and beautiful. One factor to consider when choosing a kitchen design is your lifestyle. So you enjoy cooking with guests in the kitchen, you may consider a larger kitchen design than someone who prefers to cook alone.

Different Types of Kitchen Renovation Richmond Hill

One-Wall Kitchen Design

This type of kitchen design contains cabinets and electronics that are placed against a single wall. Here the components are organized in such a way that it can create space for work to flow intentionally.

This design is suitable for smaller homes because it keeps things within arm’s length.This design is best arranged vertically to help create storage organization through the use of shelves and cabinets.The available space can also be expanded with the help of items kike a kitchen cart.

Galley Kitchen Design

This design is suitable for small kitchens with smaller spaces. It is often referred to as a corridor kitchen because it involves two walls directly opposite each other with a narrow walkway in between. Often, people using this design feel they are in the hallway.

The kitchen cabinets are often placed in such a way that it does not disrupt movements. Here tall cabinets are placed along the wall for storing every important device.

The base cabinets are often designed with heavy and dark material, while the upper cabinet is designed with a lighter color that connects more with the ceiling. 

This design is important to allow workflow and prevent injuries or accidents.

L-Shaped Design

This design is a good fit for small and medium-sized kitchens or open-space kitchens that are joined together with the dining room

The L-shaped kitchen renovation design is dynamic and often includes units built on two sides of a corner with loads of work surfaces. Because it is best recommended to keep the legs of the “L” around 12 to 15 feet to properly maximize your space.

An L-shaped kitchen design offers an abundance of versatility to maximize its space. So that it is appropriate for cooking, and cleaning and should always be kept clutter-free and organized.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

A U-shaped kitchen design is made of three walls and is separated by cabinets and appliances. This type of kitchen design involves creating space on the kitchen floor. It is convenient for small kitchen spaces that are separate from the dining room and living room. 

This kitchen design has three walls that distinguish the cooking area and divide the kitchen from the other part of the house.

One benefit of the U-shaped modular kitchen is its safety factor as it does not allow traffic to stop your workflow.

Island Kitchen Design

This design is best for large kitchen spaces and is one of the most popular trends. It is built in a sophisticated way that gives room for socializing while creating a functional design that separates the entertainment and cooking area. The Island kitchen design can be used comfortably by guests and hosts. It also provides rooms for kids to play around and do their homework. Which makes the kitchen a multi-functional area. It includes extra storage and is often well ventilated.

Kitchen Design & Renovation contractors in Richmond Hill

Just in case you are still wondering how to get this renovation done, there are several kitchen designs & renovation contractors in Richmond Hill. At major-built construction, our professionally trained construction will provide you with every skill and knowledge you need to have your dream kitchen. Don’t hold back, contact us today for more services

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